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phone : (86-20 )  84634390
fax : (86-20)84634390
address : Nan Er Pai # 9-10 PanYu ShaWan, Cao He Gong Ye Qu Guangzhou,Guangdong,China
Zip code : 511483
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Hai Wei Boat Building Co., Ltd is in the business of producing Standard and Custom made  FRP Components and Assemblies for Commercial, Industrial and Architectural  companies, Theme Parks, Automobile Builders and Public Utilities.

 We also have a Boat Building Division, which produces Standard and Custom made small to medium pleasure and police boats, also tiny foot-powered boats for Theme Parks and Recreation Centers.

650 Skiing Boat
Our staff is well trained and dedicated to producing high quality products. Many of our products are exported to Western companies.

 Send us your requirements, drawings or samples, and we will promptly quote our very best prices and delivery estimates.

 You may visit us in Pan Yu, Guangzhou to see many of the products described above. If you are out of town, we can make it easy for you. Please call first; we  can then arrange to meet you, and bring you direct to our factory.

The Email address for our office in China is:

You will find that doing business with Hai

Wei FRP will be comfortable and most importantly, PROFITABLE!




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